Sexy in the City ~ Femme Vitale Retreat


NOVEMBER 8-13, 2016

If you’re ready for a retreat that leaves you feeling joyously feminine, tinglingly alive and deliciously indulged, then Sexy in the City ~ Femme Vitale Retreat is definitely for YOU!

Do you long to celebrate and adore ALL of yourself — including your body, mind and emotional nature?

Do you hunger to travel in ways that are indulgent, fun — maybe even a bit naughty — and also transformational?

Do you yearn for a deep connection with yourself and the sacred feminine?

Are you ready to authentically and uniquely manifest your fullest life?

Sexy in the City is your answer! And here’s why…

Imagine looking out at the shining lights of the world’s most famous skyline as you let down and relax, sipping on mimosas and savoring chocolates and organic fruit in a luxurious penthouse suite.

Feel your body’s delight as you indulge in sensuous massage treatments and other internationally renowned spa services at New York’s luxurious Ancient Baths.

Sense the brisk autumn breeze igniting your spirit as you tour the diverse and bustling Old Work Market and the most famous landmarks in the city.

Imagine yourself sampling some of the best and healthiest restaurants in the world, savoring a new breed of stylish haute cuisine that brings nutritious ingredients to delicious perfection.

Picture your pleasure at having your natural beauty highlighted by a world-class makeup artist — and feeling radiantly sexy and joyously alive as you slide into gorgeous new lingerie in preparation for your own sensuous boudoir photo shoot.

Imagine sampling New York’s sparkling nightlife, from modern jazz and burlesque to delightfully infamous drag shows.

And finally, envision the laughter and joie-de-vivre you spontaneously share with all the other vivacious, compassionate, creative and enthusiastic women who’ve joined you for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

In case you’re wondering where you are…

You’re at the Sexy in the City ~ Femme Vitale Retreat, relaxing in an intimate NYC boutique hotel in the poshest part of town! Chances are, right now you’re waiting for your pampering pajama morning classes, or your delectable continental brunch, or some other uncommon delight.

But no matter where you are or what you’re doing, one thing’s for sure: You’re totally enjoying the experience, and you’re completely loved and accepted for the magnificent woman you are!

Captivated? Who wouldn’t be? Now ask yourself this…

While we will be playfully indulging in the yummy delights of NYC, this will also be an empowering, life-changing experience. Each event, each class — each moment — is carefully designed to deeply immerse you in accepting and loving yourself in celebration of who you are.

During your stay, you will release stagnant energies and open up to new possibilities. During the experience of “desire mapping”, you will bring your heart’s deepest desires into sharper focus.

Through the artfully crafted journey of the Femme Vitale Retreat, you will learn to engage with the world in a way that is connected, open hearted and radiantly real. You will deepen your capacity to love, honor and trust your body. And you will celebrate the freedom to be fully yourself.

At the end of this retreat, your favorite souvenir will be your newfound sense of joy and self-love!

The Venue

New York City – the Big Apple, the center of commerce, style and cutting-edge culture – evokes images of yellow cabs, skyscrapers, bustling, well-dressed people, fabulous restaurants, 24-hour excitement, twinkling lights and pounding music. It’s “the city that never sleeps”.

We’ll be spending five nights surrounded by the lights and energies of NYC. Our chic boutique hotel, 70 Park Avenue, was specifically chosen to immerse you in the Femme Vitale experience.

In your room, you will be surrounded by purple-velvet decor, hot-pink inspirational wall art, and have your very own velvety, leopard-print bathrobe that will make you feel like the Diva you truly are…ROWR!

You can grab your in-room yoga mat for morning stretches or indulge your inner Foodie with minibars stuffed with gourmet local treats. There’s so much more . . . but some secrets are best kept a secret!

You will enjoy a serene refuge with a residential feel. This charming neighborhood with tree-lined streets includes classic New York architecture and Gilded-Age mansions. It’s where you’ll find the grandest train terminal in the world, too, located in the heart of it all.

Of all the hotels in Manhattan, this is the one with the most distinct cinematic essence. Your hotel is the best of both worlds — both an urban sanctuary and your Park Avenue pied-à-terre.

The Cuisine

This is your time to indulge your senses, from delicately herbed entrees to farm-to-table salads to organic artisanal desserts. You will be guided to sample succulent dining that ranges from the charming to the hip, from the raw to the slow cooked, and from the original to the time honored.

In New York, the best of the best chefs from every nationality, as well as restaurateurs and street vendors, come to showcase their cuisine for your pleasure.

If you don’t eat this or that, no worries – they’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences. Whatever your eating pleasure, from gluten free to vegetarian, lactose free to raw or even paleo, we are here to fulfill your desires.

Rest assured, you will be eating high-end, gourmet food that’s high quality AND super yummy. And yes, even the finest chocolate!

Your days are filled with exquisite continental brunches: Fresh-squeezed juices, seasonal fruits, artisanal pastries, NYC’s famous lox, bagels & cream cheese (gluten free & lactose free included), mimosas, coffees and teas.

Luscious snacks and nibbles will be available throughout the day, complete with local gourmet treats, salads, small plates, nuts, dried and fresh fruits, sparkling waters and juices.

Dinners are exciting and adventurous affairs out on the town, with candlelight, white linens and lots of magic. Each night will be a uniquely intriguing cultural experience steeped in New York vitality and ethnic variety.

We’ll also be strolling to and through New York’s vivacious neighborhoods, from an open-air flea market with lobster bar to streets overflowing with sidewalk cafes, restaurants and local street fare.

Of course, OUR retreat would not be complete without a hedonistic Evening IN!
Giggling. Laughing. Sipping sangria & partying!


But this is not just ANY kind of party…

It’s a New York Pizza Party, Femme Vitale Style! Including a pamper-thon, mini-makeover, plus naughty toy party! Imagine endless Sangria and hot, gourmet NY Pizza personally tailored to your dietary desires!

Just like everything else, we’re taking it to the next level, with Pizza that is an art form in itself! In New York, families and restaurateurs vie with one another to create the most unique, flavorful and exquisite pizzas to delight your palate. We will spoil ourselves in choices that include artisanal pizza creations like Neapolitan pies, vibrant Extra-virgin olive oils, whisper-thin ribbons of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and aromatic rosettes of basil topped with crushed pistachios and swirls of honey.

Or how about a shatteringly thin, Roman-style tonda crust capped in garlic-zapped sauce, roasted mushroom softened via fontina, red onion and thyme creation? On top of that, we’re going to have a fabulous time letting our hair down, rejuvenating ourselves, sharing heart to heart and letting go.

I Love Mimosas in the Morning!

Sign me up!

The Pleasures


As if the above allurements were not enough to make you swoon, how about indulging in an afternoon at TriBeCa’s Aire Ancient Baths — a soaring, candlelit, subterranean spa — in preparation for your upcoming, personalized lingerie shopping experience and private boudoir Femme Vitale photo shoot?!

Their traditional baths and steam room provide a myriad of health benefits, with spaces and experiences to relax the body and mind through the ancient practice of using water with varied temperatures. Your spa afternoon will also include a light, healthy lunch.

Photo courtesy of


Be prepared to feel AMAZING, with skin so soft and glowing… as the next day, we take ourselves to the streets, filled with lingerie shops of international fame: Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, Orchard Corset, and other fine New York city boutiques — OH MY!

This will be a lingerie-shopping event like you have never experienced! You will be catered to, adored, gracefully supported, encouraged, cheered on, and perfectly fitted with the ideal items just for you and your authentically beautiful body.


The very next day, you will have a full day to feel like a star! Your angles will be lit, your hair and makeup done, your saucy outfits draped upon your radiant body. And as accompaniment to all this, there will be a DJ’d, musical bomb-goddess playlist to keep the energy up. While other ladies are having their photos taken, you will relax with your friends, sipping mimosas and indulging in a medley of fresh fruit, cheeses, nuts, teas and coffees… Sigh!

When it’s your turn, you’ll set the environment and tone you desire. Private? Naughty? Penthouse Suite? New York City Skyline? Streets of New York? What kind of woman are you? Wild? Flirty? Seductive? Innocent? Dominant? Let her out!

Your photographer, Scott Church, is warm, compassionate and oh-so-easy to talk to. He will make you feel like a star simply because he truly loves photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes — AND making them feel as perfect and beautiful as he possibly can. Scott is a world-renowned, internationally published, award-winning fine art erotic-portrait photographer. His work has been featured in dozens of media outlets and publications, including, Playboy, Retro Lovely, and Fine Art PHOTO Magazine, among many others.


Let’s not forget the fun, ladies, with TWO astounding events to titillate your mind and inspire your senses. To get your mojo going, you will have ringside seats at New York’s #1 Drag Show dining & performance extravaganza!

Why a Drag Show?

What better to unlock your Inner Diva than witnessing men being radiant, unapologetic Glamazons? These “Ladies” have no fear of being their best, most divine, sexiest, most outrageous, feminine selves. As you watch them sing, dance and strut, you’ll be inspired to keep your Inner Sex Goddess unleashed when you return home!


And, as our final epic night together…

We will have our own private Burlesque Dance Class, where you will explore the arts of bump, grind and shimmy while you get your Dancing Diva on and embrace your love of being seen as the alluringly sexy woman you are!

As the night sky darkens, we will hit the streets of New York for a LIVE Music and Burlesque Show. “Duane Park” is one of the top-rated shows in the city, presented in an opulent environment: an elegant turn-of-the-century dining room where you will leave your worries behind and enjoy the way New York used to be; effervescent, carefree, slightly dangerous . . . and such a tease!

So get ready to surround yourself with the bawdy Bowery of yesteryear: part theatre, part cabaret, part burlesque and part variety show! While you tantalize your taste buds with a delicious meal, certified boa-wearing beauties take the stage to shake what the good Lord gave them, and your hosts will sing for their lives alongside the raucous jazz quintet that provides the soundtrack for our evening.

Who knows what might happen as your Inner Diva gets shaken, stirred and titillated with new possibilities?

So what do you have to gain by spending 5 nights and 6 days at the Sexy in the City ~ Femme Vitale Retreat?

Well, what if you became authentically inspired to live a life you completely, absolutely and totally adore — out loud and proud of all that you are?

And what would it mean to you if you found the capacity for radical self-acceptance, expanding your ability to receive joy and indulge in the pleasures of life?

And what if you picked up a sense of total body love, at the same time releasing shame, healing your relationship to the feminine, and rebuilding your trust with other women?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You bet it would! PLUS, you’ll get to soak in the vital energy of other ecstatically feminine yet powerful women. But there’s even MORE! Let me tell you about…

The Inner Awakening

While we’re together, we’ll be focusing on:

The Dance of the Femme Vitale ~ Understanding and Empowering The Feminine

We begin our journey with a profound inquiry into what it means to be a woman in today’s world and how reclaiming the Core Essence of being female can ignite our empowerment. We will embrace the practices that support a healthy integration of the masculine and feminine energies within us and in our relationships.

Dropping into the Body of Self-Love

Through meditation, breathwork and movement, you will be guided into feeling and developing presence inside your body. Through these practices of awareness, we will cultivate deep presence and love of self. We will introduce loving body talk and practices that align your being with pleasure, joy, luxury and celebration of your divinely feminine body.

Deepening into the Wisdom of Body, Mind & Heart

Then we’ll move deeper into listening and trusting the wisdom within. You will be sensitively guided to move through places of numbness or resistance, and from there into compassionate acceptance of all that you are. You will embrace a balance of the inner compass of body, mind and blazingly awakened heart.

Awakening the Beautiful Body

When the feminine opens up feeling fully, a woman starts to feel all of life — and so will you. Your love will grow in magnitude, and it will connect to the wisdom of your own heart. You will become the Beautiful Body – the Body of Life, feeling the full vitality of existence far beyond your personal self. This is an awakening to the pure and sacred feminine, where you know yourself as profound love and beauty itself.

Embracing Sacred Love and Divine Union

As you come into your fullness in being a woman, your capacity to share love, pleasure and sexuality expands. You become a catalyst and a blessing for others in your life. You feel capable of asking for what you desire, and you can gracefully express your own boundaries. With a foundation like this, partnership becomes divine.

The Fond Farewell

On our last day, we’ll bring it all together over brunch – integrating, relaxing and reflecting on the power of our time together. Embodying our renewed grace and beauty, we will celebrate our sisterhood with a gentle and nourishing closing ceremony.

Bonus Retreat Gifts!
Beautiful Woman, as part of our retreat you will be invited to join our FEMME VITALE private Facebook Group. Here, you can connect, collaborate, share heart to heart, and encourage and support each other in your Divine Feminine Awakening. You will also receive two half-hour one-on-one Skype sessions after you return home — one with Jenna and one with Jenee – to ensure you stay ignited and in the flow.

Click here for more information on pricing and payment options

YES - YES - YES - It’s time to indulge in ME!

What’s Included

  • Deluxe, double-occupancy accommodations for 6 days/five nights (two beds per room) *
  • Five decadent brunches in our lush Penthouse Suite
  • Fresh fruits, nuts, chocolates and juices in your room
  • Welcoming Dinner Out on the Town
  • New York Pizza – Pizza Party
  • Glamour Makeup Party
  • Ladies Only Pure Romance Toy Party
  • All evening dinners
  • Indulgent half day-day spa experience with lunch
  • Personalized lingerie shopping trip to make YOUR body look fabulous
  • Private 5-Star Boudoir Photo Shoot
  • Private Hair and Makeup Session prior to Photo Shoot
  • Finished Photo Disk to take home
  • Five morning group Feminine Awakening Sessions
  • A private one-on-one session with either Jenna or Jenee
  • A week full of juicy conversations
  • Unique Daily Meditations
  • An Evening Out on the Town for dinner and a stunning Drag Show
  • Private Group Burlesque Dance Class
  • An Evening Burlesque Dinner and Show at one of NYC’s top 10 shows
  • Transportation for afternoon and evening adventures

* If you would prefer a single room, we can arrange that for you at an additional fee.

* Local to the NYC area or have your own accommodations?

While we encourage you to stay at our chosen hotel, if you are local to the NYC area or would prefer to make your own retreat accommodations we are happy give you your choice. This option enables you to join us for all of the indulgent retreat activities but allows you the freedom to stay at a location of your choosing.

What’s Not Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Transportation from NY Airport to Hotel (if you need help planning or booking your travel from the airport we are more than happy to assist)
  • Additional spa or massage services
  • Money for lingerie shopping
  • Money for additional shopping adventures
  • Additional meals not listed above
  • Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance


Arrange your flight so you arrive in NYC on Tuesday afternoon.

If you want to come earlier or stay later, that’s fine. Just let me know, and I’ll help you with the details.

I can also help you with your flight and getting to the hotel on time. Just say the word!

Click here for more information on pricing and payment options

New York City, Here I Come!!

Your Retreat Goddesses

Jenna Tasker

Hello Beautiful! I’m Jenna Tasker, your Femme Vitale retreat guide and coordinator. I’ve always been fascinated by two of life’s greatest pleasures: sensuality and food. Drawing from a myriad of courses and hundreds of hours of trainings, I have reclaimed my own feminine awakening and body acceptance. I’m profoundly moved to share these secrets with you.

Raising children (16 & 18) has at times challenged me to my core, but it has also inspired me to become more than I thought possible. Perhaps the greatest treasure I want to share with you is the ability to balance being a fabulous single (or partnered) mom while celebrating a rich life filled with artistic expression, sensual empowerment, travel and adventure.

I currently work as a Holistic Intimacy Coach specializing in Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Healing, Kink, and Tantra. I am also a Reiki Master, Urevia Healer and an Aromatouch Practitioner and perpetual student!

My new favorite venture is creating and designing Ecstatic Retreats for individuals and couples. Through these retreats I am able to share my love of adventure and travel to exotic locations around the world.

To me, these getaways are more than periodic treats to empower connection, sensuality and pleasure; they also support our most basic right to enjoy our bodies and provide us with both healing and transformative experiences. And THAT is the perfect match for the part of me that is a passionate, barefoot-loving travel junkie with a naughty hedonistic streak!

Jenee Louise Hallick

Hello, I’m Jenee Louise Hallick – truth seeker, health guru, gypsy spirit, intuitive healer and complete wild woman! I’m also a Piscean dreamer and traveler, an organized and reliable Virgo, a rather bendy yogini and an avid meditator. I delight in fully expressed ecstatic dance with a kind and caring heart. I bring a contagious laugh to any occasion, and I’m often seen indulging in (and sharing) raw chocolate!

As long as I can remember, I have been passionate about health and happiness. I’ve spent my entire life on a spiritual journey to explore the inner and outer worlds, along with a deep yearning to find my own truth. After spending many years traveling the world, I now live in beautiful, sunny Costa Rica, feasting on delicious tropical fruit and teaching yoga, ecstatic dance and meditation. There, you can find me deepening my connection with Mother Earth and community.

It is my deepest desire to help women on the journey of discovering what it truly means to BE a woman – and, along the way, to have the most amazing and magical experience ever!

Melissa Betts

Hi, you! I am Melissa Betts, a free-spirited mother and wife who (as her mother says), never stopped playing dress-up.

After giving birth to my son (now 13), I struggled with my sense of self-acceptance and trying to fit in.

My life was transformed through the discovery of a local, amateur-modeling group. Through practicing the art of pinup, I began to love and embrace my womanly body. It showed me how to show off my fun and adventurous spirit.

I also discovered a love for hairdressing and makeup, an art I still have a passion for sharing with others. And through modeling, I have been thrilled to meet and befriend like-minded ladies of every shape and size.

When I’m not having fun dressing up, I enjoy delving into my spiritual side. Today, I am a Reiki Master, Metaphysical Teacher, Crystal Healer and Moon Mama! I am also a self-proclaimed beach bum who loves taking road trips with my family while making new friends along the way. I hope you’ll be one of them!

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